Top Five Tips for Preparing Items for Storage

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Deciding to keep some of your household items in a storage facility can be a great option during relocation. For example, let’s assume that you’re moving to a temporary home or a smaller apartment; to have a smooth transition, you might need to put some of your items in storage. Thankfully, in this blog post, we give you the top five tips for preparing items for storage; read on to find out.

It’s important to note that before you place your items in a storage unit under a moving company, you need to prepare your belongings in a way that they can survive the entire storage period without getting damaged. Below are the top five tips for preparing items or storage to ensure their safety.


Assemble all the packing materials


Get packing materials such as packing paper, moving blankets, bubble wrap, and strong cardboard boxes to pack all your belongings. It would be best to consider getting equipment that will help you disassemble some of your furniture items. Ensure to inspect closely all the boxes that you intend to use for storing your items.

If you expect to store your belongings for a longer time, consider using plastic containers since they are durable and can withstand certain temperatures. Consider using soft wrapping paper when packing your household items or storage; please note that the packing paper needs to be acid-free and print-free. Please avoid using newspapers since the ink can transfer to your items and damage them.


Inspect all your belongings


Before selecting which items to go to storage, you need to go through them and sort them. For example, if you have old and worn-out items, you can get rid of them. You only need to store things that you will use in the future.


Prepare an inventory list for your items


Create a list of the things that you’ll be keeping to have a track of them. When preparing your things for storage, make sure to clean them correctly; you can use disinfectant to wipe the surfaces of your items. It’s important to note that your items must be dry before you pack and store them.


Carefully label all the cardboard boxes


Remember to label each box that you plan to put into storage, whether short or long-term storage. Labeling your cardboard boxes will save you lots of time in the future since you’ll be able to access your items easily.


Organize the storage unit


When placing your possessions in a storage unit, you need to organize your stuff reasonably. You can keep boxes of similar size together but ensure the heavy ones remain at the bottom. Consider leaving a pathway in the middle of the storage area so that you can easily access your items. Lastly, some space between your household items and the walls of the storage facility to ensure there’s free circulation of air.

Suppose you’ve gotten this far; congratulations because now you know the tips and tricks of packing your items for storage. If you have any queries, consider contacting Unbeatable Removals, we are here to serve you.






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