Top 5 Best Cheap Moving Options

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

A lot of people move due to different reasons. It could be a change of workplace, venturing into a new business, or moving close to family. When moving, you always want to cut on costs wherever you can. Here are top 5 best cheap moving options to help you save money

Make your move seasonal

When planning to move, it is advisable that you gauge which is the best time to move. During the summer season, moving is normally expensive since most families are settling before the new school year begins.

Most lease agreements expire at the end of the month. This means a lot of people book moving companies the last week of the month compared to the first or second. Consider trying to move at a different time of the year.

There’s less competition for movers during mid-month or on a weekday. If there’s less competition, the price will be lower, and you can save some cash.

Inquire about moving discounts

During the process of looking around for the best moving company to choose from, consider asking for available discounts.

Some moving companies offer discounts to their members while other companies lower their rates during certain times of the year. Most companies lower their rates during slower seasons like winter.

Get rid of some of your belongings.

Another great way of cutting on cost is to dispose of some of your belongings. You can sell or donate items that you no longer use. Not only will you reduce extra weight, but you will make some extra cash from your items.

Donating that old functional washing machine to an orphanage can go a long way. People appreciate such small acts of kindness, plus this will also reduce the weight of your belongings.

Don’t pay for boxes

When moving, having boxes for packing is key. This is why a lot of moving companies charge unreasonable prices for them. It is unnecessary to buy a lot of boxes while there are so many cheap options to acquire them;

Consider asking friends and family who have recently moved to help you out with some of their boxes.

Carry empty boxes from your workplace. Boxes that are strong and big enough to put a lot of items.

Check on Craigslist’s free section. You’ll definitely get a few pieces.

Look around your neighborhood if someone has an open yard sale. You might get a few pieces at a lower price, or they might decide to donate.

Ask at your local liquor store for unused boxes.

You can also earn extra cash from your boxes once you are done. You can resell them by posting online at a lower price. Someone who is planning to move might come across your advert.

Use a portable moving container.

Another cheap moving option is to use a portable storage container, especially if you are moving out of town. Mobile storage units help you keep all your items in one place until it is time to move. This is a great way of cutting down on cost.

Moving is never easy; however, these top 5 best cheap moving options will help you stick to your budget. For more information regarding your move, contact Unbeatable Removals.

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