Things to do before Packing a Moving Truck

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Moving on your own from one home to another without hiring a reliable moving company like Unbeatable Removals can be challenging. The first thing you’ll need to do is to know the things to do before packing a moving truck to make sure your belongings are secure. Then you’ll have to find out the size of a moving truck to rent.

Before renting a moving truck, you have to know how to pack your items in a moving truck correctly to utilize the available storage space and minimize damage to your household items. In this article, we give you tips of things to do before packing a moving truck. Read on to find out.


Disassemble huge furniture items before packing


Before loading furniture into the moving truck, it’s vital to disassemble them to speed up the loading process. Once disassembled, your furniture items will become easier to handle from point A to B, and you’ll reduce any risk of damage to your valuables. Ensure to take down each piece of your huge furniture and secure them using thick protective blankets.

Covering your items with these blankets will ensure their safe transportation to your new home.


Safely pack your moving boxes


Apart from your furniture pieces and a few other things, you will pack most of your household items in moving boxes. Packing items is usually the trickiest part; for that reason, it should be carefully dealt with. There are two ways of packing items: hire professional packers to do the job for you, or you can do it yourself.

To ensure the packing process is smooth, consider preparing a packing checklist that will guide you. It’s crucial to ensure that your boxes are packed properly before loading them in the moving truck. Please note that you need to pack your moving boxes last into the moving truck.


Clear the exit path to avoid any accidents


When you pack the moving truck independently, it means multiple trips from your house to the moving truck and back. To ensure that the loading process is smooth, you’ll have to clear the exit path in case of any obstacles. The route from your home to the truck ought to be free of any snow, mud, or ice.


Prepare the essential moving equipment


Accidents do happen on a moving day. To avoid injury or property damage while carrying your items to the truck, it’s advisable to use the correct type of moving equipment. If you’re moving houses without hiring a reliable moving company, you need to have a moving dolly to transport your heavy and bulky items.

Depending on your needs, you may either rent a furniture dolly or a two-wheel L-shaped hand truck. Consider using furniture sliders to move large household items to avoid causing damage on the floor.

Loading a moving truck isn’t an easy task; however, you’re set to experience a smooth transition if you do proper planning. However, if the job seems tedious, you can always hire a moving company.













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