The Most Common Reasons For Moving House

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Unlike the ‘olden days’ when people used to live in their family home for years and then the family home was passed down the family as the elderly family members passed on and the next generation of the family would live in the home and so on. But in this modern day this is no longer the case, but what are the most common reasons for moving house?

Moving House for a New Job

Sometimes people move house because they have found the job of their dreams but they live too far away, or perhaps their company has many different office and they have been promoted and relocated to a new area – which can be really common in this day and age. Having a home closer to work also saves money in travel and gives the employee extra time to spend at home with their family if they live nearer to work.

Moving House for a Relationship

As relationships grow and continue and you couples become more serious about each other it is only natural they may want to live together, to grow their love even more or maybe start a family. In recent years it is more likely each of the couple will live in their own homes and not a family home and they will choose a new property together.

Moving House for Retirement

As people age and retire they no longer need as much from their home, the spare rooms are not required by children and the play room is just gathering dust, maybe the garden is now too big to look after or those retiring just want a quieter place to live instead of the hustle and bustle of a busy town or city.

Moving House for the Family

Some people move house to be nearer to their family, perhaps moving nearer to elderly parents or siblings. However other move house as their family starts to grow and they realise their home is no longer big enough for their needs and more space is required.


Of course there are many reasons people move house but these are the most common reasons, why did you move house? Do you fall into the above categories?

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