How to Plan an Office Move

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Over the years, a business is expected to face a lot of challenges. Most successful businesses have overcome challenges. One of them is office moving. Different factors can result in office moving. Both positive and negative factors can be the reason why businesses relocate. If that time comes, it’s important to learn how to plan an office move.

Some of the negative factors include downsizing and looking for a smaller and cheaper place to accommodate few people. A positive factor can be expanding your businesses and looking for a bigger space to accommodate more staff. Regardless of your reason, your business has to continue.

When it comes to managing your business, time is very crucial. During the process of office moving, a lot of time gets wasted. In order to save time during the moving process, it’s recommended to hire office removal companies. However, before doing that, it’s good to know how to plan an office move.

The faster a commercial move is made, the earlier things can get back to normal, and business operations can resume. In order to complete an office move quicker, it’s advisable to prepare an office move checklist. Read on to find out.

Plan early

It’s advisable to plan and prepare your move at least 3 months prior to moving day. This is crucial if you want to have a smooth transition. Consider organizing yourself to have the perfect office move. The first step is to start looking for a new office space for your business. Once you settle for the best place for your business, consider signing a commercial property lease to secure it.

The next step is to give notice on the date that you will be vacating your current office premises. Ensure to notify the property manager in advance so that you can get your deposit refund. Schedule a meeting and inform all your staff about the upcoming office move.

Assign tasks to the team responsible for the relocation project. Ensure to set up a budget for the entire moving process. Request office move quotes from different reputable commercial movers within your city. Once you settle for the best quotation, hire the best office moving company.

Moving day

The big day is finally here. The professional office movers will take care of all the difficult tasks. The office movers will carefully pack and seal all the furniture pieces and sensitive equipment. Then will load the items into their truck and transport them to the new office.

Before the movers arrive at the new office location, it’s important to make arrangements for the staff that will be at the current and new location. Doing so will be easy to monitor the progress. You can supervise the office movers how you want things done and organized.

Before leaving your current office, check around to see if you have left anything behind. Once the office movers arrive at the new location, they will carefully unpack all the items without wasting a lot of time. Request your employees to set up their workstations and settle down as soon as possible.

Consider writing a review of the services you got from the office movers in order to encourage other companies to use a reliable office moving company. At Unbeatable Removals, we value customer’s feedback, and we are always ready to assist in the best possible way.

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