How to Pack Books for Moving

Thursday, May 20th, 2021

During relocation, most people never take the job of packing books seriously. Such underestimation often leads to confusion on a moving day. Other people assume that packing books is an easy task, so they tend to wait until the last minute. Moving houses can be a complicated process. For this reason, it’s important to know how to pack books for moving.

In this piece, we list down packing steps that will give you an idea of how to pack books for moving.

Decide what to do with unused books.

Deciding on which books to leave behind is not an easy task. However, you have different options when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted books. The first option would be to have a garage sale. All you have to do is set up and date and time and communicate to people.

You could design posters and share them out with your neighbors. You can also post online that you are having a garage sale and give details of the venue. You will be shocked to see how many people will turn up to buy your books. This is a good way of making money off your unused books.

The second option is to gift your family and friends. You can invite them over to your place so that they get to pick which books they like. As much as you don’t need the books, they could be beneficial to someone else.

The third option is to donate the books to charitable organizations. A non-profit organization is a good place to donate your books. The books will be beneficial to the members of that particular organization. You can also consider donating them to local libraries.

You can similarly recycle torn books. Consider taking them to a local recycling center.

Categorize your books

Before moving houses, it’s important to reassess your book collection. Consider separating new books from old ones and also according to size. This will enable you to pack them in an organized manner. If you own more books, the work is going to become more tedious. Consider hiring moving professionals who offer packing services. Professional movers will speed up the packing process.

Get quality book packing supplies.

When packing books, it’s advisable to get the right packing materials to avoid damaging your valuable treasures. Such packing materials include;

Book boxes: There’s a difference between moving boxes and book boxes. Book boxes are extra strong and are made up of thick boxes. These boxes also have specific dimensions and are perfectly clean and dry.

Packing paper: It’s important to get clean and soft packing paper to enable you to pack your books. Consider using newspapers. They are plenty and free of charge.

Packing tape: Consider getting at least 3 rolls of packing tape that are of high quality.

A marker pen will also come in handy when labeling your packed boxes. It enables you to access the books when getting to your destination easily.

Knowing how to pack books when moving is very important, but it can be overwhelming. If you feel like you cannot handle this task, consider hiring professional packers like Unbeatable Removals.



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