How to Move your Couch when Relocating

Thursday, July 1st, 2021


Moving big and heavy sofa from one house to another is not a walk in the park. There are many things to keep in mind, such as; how to protect and move your couch without damaging it, or taking safety precautions to avoid injury is essential. In this blog post, we give you tips on how to move your couch when relocating.


Step 1: Disassemble your couch for relocation


Taking down your couch into pieces is one of the most important things when moving.  Disassembling your furniture enables you to move it quickly and safely.  Ensure to remove pillows, covers, and everything else that’s on the couch.

Take out the legs of the sofa by detaching the screws that hold them from the furniture piece.

Remove the armrests safely from the couch without causing any damage.

Keep the screws in a safe and secure container since you’ll need them when reassembling your furniture.


Step 2: How to pack your couch for relocation


It is essential to pack your furniture pieces securely before transporting them to avoid damage.  Cover each disassembled item in thick packing blankets to keep them safe. If you are dealing with delicate items, consider using packing paper as the first layer to avoid damage.

Transfer the separate sofa parts to different cardboard boxes and ensure to label the box for easier accessibility. On the main structure of the sofa, put cardboard pieces over the corners, then use tape to seal. To keep your furniture away from dust, dirt and moisture, cover it up with a shrink wrap.

Use thick furniture blankets to wrap the entire length of the sofa as the last layer of protection. Finish by sealing the coverings with tape.


Step 3: Ensure you have proper couch moving equipment


Most sofas are impossible to lift when moving houses. Whether you’ve hired a reliable moving company, you may still need a few moving types of equipment to ensure the entire sofa lifting task is easier and safer. Have you ever heard of furniture sliders or dollies?

Well, furniture sliders are pieces of strong plastic and solid rubber usually placed beneath the legs of your sofa. The sliders ensure you slide your couch swiftly across the floor without causing any damage to the floor surface.

The main aim of the furniture sliders is to reduce friction when moving the couch from one place to another. You can purchase the sliders from a local store or household furniture removals.

On the other hand, a furniture dolly will come in handy when you have a huge and heavy sofa.  This 4-wheel tool will make your sofa moving task convenient and practical. You can also get the furniture dolly from a moving company.


Step 4: Hire household movers to move your couch


The most recommended way of moving your furniture is to hire a reliable house moving company. Getting professionals to do this tedious work for you can be relaxing and stress-free. Most people assume that hiring household movers is expensive.

The truth is a lot of moving companies are very affordable such as Unbeatable Removals. Before hiring us, send us a list of your items, and we shall prepare a moving quote.





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