How to Move with your Pet

Sunday, July 11th, 2021

Relocating with pets can be very challenging, especially if it’s long-distance. When it comes to the type of pet you’re moving with; it can be dogs, cats, fish, etc. things can get really get complicated. Statistically, most pets always feel uncomfortable when taken to a new place. For them to feel comfortable, you need to know how to move with your pet to another city.

The following tips will help you know how to move with your pet to another city.


Schedule an appointment with the vet


Relocating with your pets should not be a difficult task. As long as you follow the correct steps, everything should go smoothly. The most recommended thing to do is book an appointment with a licensed vet in your city and take your pet for a medical checkup.

A complete medical checkup ensures that your pet is ideally in good condition before moving. If your pet suffers anxiety, especially when moving, you should consult with the vet and get anti-anxiety medication. Relocating across the country with your domestic animal means that you’ll no longer need veterinary services or your current pet doctor.

For this reason, you should consider finding another vet upon arrival at your new home. You can search online for a vet with good reviews or get recommendations from family and friends. Ask your pet doctor to arrange the required documents for post-move with another vet, such as the immunization certificate.


Find transportation options for your pet


When relocating with your pet to another city, it’s vital to find transportation options and the one that’s comfortable for your pet. Just like the way you’ll find a moving company to handle your belongings, the same case applies to your pet.

Consider looking for different options early enough before the moving day to enable you to prepare adequately. There are a number of options to put in mind, such as;

Moving your pet in your vehicle


Transporting your pet in your car is a great option. Let me explain why, because your pet will feel comfortable and calm knowing that it’s with its owner.

Hiring licensed pet movers


There are moving companies that concentrate in pet transportation. If you hire experienced professional pet movers, be rest assured that your domestic animal will be in safe hands. Why? Because they have the expertise and equipment of transporting pets safely and faster between different locations.

Moving your pet by air


Moving your pet by air is a great option, especially if the distance is very far. For example, if you are moving from one country to another, you may be required to transport your pet by air. Plus, it’s the fastest mode of transportation.

Weeks before your moving day, consider searching for airlines that accept pets. Find out if they have any requirements, like if they need ownership documents, some airlines allow tiny cats and dogs to travel in the cabin with the owner, while others transport them as cargo.

Moving with pets sounds hectic. For this reason, it’s wise to hire professional movers such as Unbeatable removals to help you with the moving process as you give your pet the attention it deserves.












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