How to host a Successful Garage Sale

Friday, October 29th, 2021

Do you want to make money on your next garage sale? Here’s all you need to know about how to host a successful garage sale. Read on to find out.

If you’re planning to declutter some of your household items and want to earn extra money from them, organizing for a garage sale is the best way to go about it. While most people think it’s an easy task of just putting your unwanted items out of the driveway with a sale sign, there are some crucial things to do to have a successful sale.

Below we give you tips on how to host a successful garage sale

Sort your items

Before placing your items outside for sale, consider setting aside some space to gather all your belongings. You can also go through every room to check if there are any forgotten items. Never underestimate the worthiness of your old items; what you don’t want someone else might find valuable.

Choose a date

The best day to conduct a garage sale is on the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. You have to reason about how you will sell all the items before the moving date. Most people are usually accessible over the weekend and the best time to start the sale is morning hours so that come evening, you will have sold all your items. In case you remain with any unsold items, you can donate them or throw them away.

Check your permits

So many things have changed ever since the pandemic. With covid-19 and lockdowns, it’s essential to inquire from your local council about the rules and regulations of conducting a garage sale. Don’t be surprised to find out that they have guidelines on signage and setup of conducting garage sales.


Now is the time to advertise your yard sale. Consider printing up a few posters notifying people of your upcoming garage sale. You can also advertise on the local paper or online on platforms such as the Facebook marketplace. You can also inform your family and friends to spread the word.

Start setting up

Plan your layout; where will you conduct the sale? Will it be along the driveway or the front yard? Consider selecting the best spot on your property that is visible n all angles; you don’t want to miss any potential buyer. If you have smaller items, consider setting up tables and placing them on top. Please remember to arrange things that make sense, such as kitchen items, clothes, or outdoor items.

Plan your money

Although we recently have several mobile payment options, tangible money is still a big part of the garage sale. Ensure to have a nice place where you’ll keep your cash.

Have a positive attitude

If your clients are enjoying themselves, they’ll spend more. Ensure to serve everyone with a smile; you never know you might end up getting a tip. Once done selling your items, we are ready to assist you with the moving process here at Unbeatable Removals.




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