How many Cardboard Boxes do you need for Moving

Monday, September 6th, 2021

The moving day is finally here, and you can’t keep calm because you need to get things done as soon as possible. However, the question comes in when you need to pack your belongings. Okay, I know what you’re thinking; how many cardboard boxes do you need for moving.

When you decide to pack items on your own and don’t need professional packing services, you have to consider some things, such as how many cardboard boxes you need for moving. You already know where to find cheap or free moving boxes by this time, especially if you’re on a budget. So, the next practical thing is to know how many boxes you need to pack up your belongings.

Moving boxes are crucial in every house relocation, whether a long-distance move or a local move. It’s pretty challenging to pull off a house move without moving boxes of different sizes. For that reason, this blog post gives you tips for how many boxes you need when packing for a move.


Understand your house move


When preparing your packing supplies, it’s vital to understand that each house move is unique. Therefore, the most reasonable thing to do is to have moving boxes of different types and sizes to enable you to accommodate all your stuff. Certain factors will determine the number of moving boxes you’ll need.


Factor 1: Number of rooms


The number of rooms plays a massive role in determining how many cardboard boxes you’ll need for your move.


Factor 2: Square feet


The square feet of your home will influence the number of moving boxes you’ll need. Consider using online packing calculators to get a rough estimate of how many boxes you need.


Factor 3: Number of occupants


Typically, the more people living on one roof means more personal items in that house, hence the need for more packing boxes.


Factor 4: Year spend in the home


The more years spent living in one house for long means the more accumulation of household items that will need a good number of boxes to enable safe transportation to your new home.


Factor 5: Lifestyle


Lifestyle is also a key factor as far as the number of moving boxes is concerned. Some people prefer living with few possessions while others prefer having a lot of stuff. Regardless, it is a crucial determinant of how many boxes you may need for your move.


How many cardboard boxes do you need for your upcoming move?


Knowing the correct number of moving boxes you’ll need before packing up your belongings will significantly influence how your move will turn out. Below, we provide you with a breakdown of how many boxes you might need depending on the apartment that you live.

Studio apartment: You need to have sixteen medium boxes, fourteen large boxes, eight extra boxes, and four wardrobe boxes.

One-bedroom apartment: Consider having twenty-one medium boxes, seventeen large boxes, nine extra-large boxes, and four wardrobe boxes.

Two-bedroom apartment: Ensure you have at least Thirty-one medium boxes, twenty-three large boxes, eleven extra-large boxes, and five wardrobe boxes.

Three-bedroom apartment: Get forty-six medium boxes, thirty-two large boxes, fourteen extra-large boxes, and five wardrobe boxes.




Packing for a move by yourself is a challenging task the best option is to hire a professional moving company such as Unbeatable Removals to handle the packing process.




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