Best Way to Request a Removals Quote

Friday, October 29th, 2021

Are you thinking of relocating any time soon? These tips will help you know the best way to request a removals quote. You’ve finally decided to move to a different city, and now you need a house removals company to assist you with your move. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: how do I hire a house moving company? What’s the best way to request a removals quote? How much will I pay professional movers?

When you think of moving from one home to another, it can be a tedious task; however, you’re set to have a smooth transition with proper planning and organization. Here at Unbeatable Removals, we believe requesting a moving quotation shouldn’t be a complicated task. Consider following these guidelines to ask for instant moving quotes, and you’ll be moving in no time.


What time is best to request a removals quote


With the rise of technology, so many things are easily accessible; it’s straightforward to go online and request quotes from various moving companies. The best time to ask for quotes online is around six-eight weeks before your moving date. Doing so will give you a detailed cost estimate and enough time to prepare for your upcoming move.

Once you settle down on which moving quote to work with, you can give your landlord a notice of your upcoming move.


What info do I need to include in my removal quote?


When requesting a moving quote, it’s vital to give all the necessary information to get the correct cost estimate. The main things to consider are the moving date, location, household items, insurance, price, and building access.

Moving date: Always include the day you’ll be moving to your new home; you can also provide other optional days. The more flexible you are about your moving date, the higher chances you have of saving money.

Location: Ensure to give the correct info about where you’re moving from and where you’re moving to; include information such as the city or street name.

Household items: Ensure to give precise details of your things, such as the size and weight of your furniture, size, and the number of moving boxes. The most practical way is to provide an inventory list to enable the professional movers to quote accurately based on your items.

Insurance: Are you comfortable with the basic insurance package, or do you want a package with more benefits? Normally, there are two types of insurance covers for moving your goods. The first is ‘Goods In Transit insurance which protects your goods against loss or damage while on transit. The second is full insurance which covers all of your belongings during the entire moving process.

Price: Give the professional movers a rough idea of your budget. Doing so will help you have a price in mind; a good house moving company will give you the most affordable moving package.




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