Advantages of Moving to the Countryside

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Are you planning to move to the rural area of the country? Moving to the countryside isn’t an easy decision, but once you make it, you stand to gain a lot of things. There are so many advantages of moving to the countryside; below; we list some of them.


Enough space


If you live in a big town, you know how chaotic and congested it can be, but moving to the country, you tend to have a lot of space at your disposal. Not only will you have an extensive and spacious house, with a backyard and a large garden. Imagine that great feeling where you get to open space outside your home; you don’t want to trade that for anything.


Low cost of living


Most of the time, living in the country tends to be cheaper than in the city. Whether you’re renting or buying a house in the countryside, it should cost you less because utilities and property taxes are more affordable than those in the city. For that reason, you’ll never go with relocating to the countryside.


Good security


One of the greatest things to know before moving to the country is that rural areas are much safer than urban areas when it comes to the crime rate. The reasoning behind this fact is that most rural communities tend to be united, and people know their neighbors personally. Reasonably, areas where people know each other feel safer and secure than big cities where everyone seems a stranger.

Additionally, people in rural areas are more friendly and always ready to help each other; that being the case, living in such a friendly environment is more secure than in a big city where everyone minds their own business. If you have a family and want your kids to grow in a safe environment, then moving to the countryside is a good option.


Clean air


Most of the time, relocating to the countryside will allow you to enjoy clean air and beautiful surroundings. Rural areas tend to be greener than congested big cities. Additionally, the clean air in rural areas because of fewer vehicles on the roads and fewer industries. We all know that fresh and clean air is one of the most important health benefits; so living in the countryside means you have all the access to clean and fresh air.

If you intend to get away from the chaotic city because of air pollution, moving to the countryside is wise.


Peace of mind


Living in the country is a direct ticket to having peace of mind. Rural areas tend to be more chilled and calm whereas, big cities are chaotic with many distractions. Most rural areas offer a slower pace of living which is better your physical and mental health. It’s not a secret that stress is bad for your health, and that’s reason enough to relocate from the stressful big-city life and start a stress-free country life.




The above advantages of moving to the countryside will help you have a smooth transition. Of course, as a moving company, here at Unbeatable Removals, we are a phone call away and will ensure that you have a smooth moving process.







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