Top 5 Services to Consider Before Choosing Office Relocations Company

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Are you relocating your business? Unbeatable Removals is a comprehensively-networked company that guarantees seamless office relocations for your organisation.

Unbeatable Relocation Services in Sydney

There are a plenty of organisations which offer office relocations in, and around, Sydney. Unfortunately, finding an ideal one can be quite a hassle. So, what sets them apart? Their professionalism levels, as well as their diverse service options. You need to find one that takes care of the entire relocating process to ensure that you focus on running your business enterprise.

Unbeatable Removals boasts of exceptional high service standards and scrupulous attention to detail, meaning that we have managed to amass an impeccable list of satisfied clientele across different professions over the past few years.

Listed below are the top 5 service considerations you might want to look into to help you choose an office relocation company with a high cost-benefit ratio:

Project Planning

A commercial or domestic move might seem like a huge prospect, but an experienced relocation team can help turn this entire hectic process pretty simple.

Before our office relocation specialists embark on your office move, we first have to organise an initial meet-and-greet with you to go over your office move preferences and to take note of your company’s goals and schedules. We aim to gather a thorough understanding of exactly how your business operates, including any inter-departmental dependencies, to plan for a methodical office move. We assign you a project manager to oversee the move process and to act as your guide.

Resource Management

A commercial or domestic relocation service team should have unmatched skills and the technical know-how to guarantee a smooth, seamless move for your business. They ought to employ some resource management systems which will render the entire move process simple for you as the customer. The relocation company should assign you a devoted project manager, who is available, to supervise the office relocation service till the very end.

We provide specialist tools to our relocation service team to shield your office valuables from damage when the moving process is underway. For example, we have plenty of crates which are available for you to hire for mixed uses, including packing paperwork, files, or even your IT valuables. Among these crates, some have locking mechanisms to help secure your confidential documents and valuables. Our trolleys and cages contribute to shipping some of the crates and larger office valuables.

Unbeatable Removals invests in professional lifting equipment to securely transport your very heavy office valuables, such as huge machinery and safes, into your new office premises.


Opt for a company that is in a position to offer continued support in the subsequent phase of your relocation to guarantee that your business settles comfortably in the new office premises. If you are a huge organisation, you’ll probably be in need of additional storage requirements, or even further moving – and they all will need attention as you inhabit your new office premise and seek out better ways to run your surroundings.

Our fully-trained relocation team will hang about your new office setting to help you assess and quickly adapt your office furniture needs; they can help move, reorganise or repair office items, and help you order new office furniture. In case problems arise, we’re always eager to provide ongoing assistance.

How protected is our storage warehouse?

For instance, ours features CCTV protection, is fully-alarmed, and is guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It would be nice to be certain that your property is in safe hands, right? We securely store your belongings in a sealed, individual storage container. If need be, we also entertain self-storage options for you to have round-the-clock access to your property.

Make use of our online quotation tool for a cost-effective quote, or contact our support team for inquiries or for additional info on how Unbeatable Removals can help with your office storage solutions.

Property Protection

An ideal company goes out of its way to employ techniques to protect your property, and premises, all through your commercial or domestic move.

We, at Unbeatable Removals, fully-train our removalists at our in-house bespoke training centre to ensure unmatched standards of professionalism, as well as customer service. Our office relocation service teams make use of protective materials to shield the stairways, lifts, doors, entrances, and any other sections of the building which can be damaged easily. Wouldn’t it be nice to give your landlord absolute peace of mind all through the moving process? We make a point to carry out a complete before-and-after inspection to assess the condition of the premises.

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