Top 3 Worst Hoarders

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

If you have ever moved house you will know that you collect and hoard a lot more than you realise, there will be things stored away in the back of cupboards, the depths of the garage and in corners of the shed that you were sure would come in useful one day, but are now covered in dust, broken or rusty and not suitable for use. This is why many people call in a rubbish removals service when they move house to help clear the clutter before moving to a new home.

In this article we talk about the top 3 worst hoarders of all time, who could definitely do with the help of a rubbish removal service to help with their rubbish removals;

Richard Wallace

First we have the story of a man in the UK called Richard Wallace in 2001 it was found that Richard had a pile of junk so massive it could be seen from Google Earth as it was bigger than his home. This pile of junk included several cars and numerous newspapers that spanned over 34 years. Eventually, after numerous letters from the council and with the help of his neighbours, 30 tonnes of rubbish was removed from his property.

Mr & Mrs Gaston

In 2010, Jesse and Thelma from Chicago, both in their late 70s were such serious hoarders that they actually got lost in all their rubbish. Concerned neighbours called the police when they hadn’t seen the couple for some time. The police broke down the door and were met by rotting food, piles of track and, after some searching, the hidden couple who were found, literally buried alive under all their rubbish. They were taken to hospital and treated for malnutrition and other health issues while a rubbish removals company was bought in to remove the rubbish from their home.

Collyer Brothers

The story of the Collyer Brothers from 1947 is perhaps the worst story of hoarders that we have come across. A neighbour called the police with fears of a dead body in the apartment of Homer and Langley Brothers. It took police two hours to climb over piles of boxes, junk, phonebooks, newspapers, rubbish and other items until this finally found the dead body of Homer, yet there was no sign of Langley. When a rubbish removals service was taking place the body of Homer was found just ten feet from where his brother was found – which just goes to show how much rubbish was in the home. A rubbish removals company completed 100 tons of rubbish removals including 25,000 books, 14 pianos, pickled human body parts and Model T Ford parts.

We are sure the clutter you have kept over the years will come nowhere near there hoarders, but if you are moving house in Sydney why not call in a company that offer rubbish removal in Sydney. A rubbish removals company in Sydney can help you clear your home of all the things you no longer need, for a cleaner, fresher start in your new home.

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