Pool table table removals Sydney

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

We offer competitive and affordable pool table removal quotes in Sydney and the rest of NSW. Hire Unbeatable Removals for pool table removals Sydney today.

Professional Pool Table Removals in Sydney

Owning a pool or a billiard table means knowing how heavy it gets when you are considering its removal. If you just purchased one from the stores or an individual, the next thing is to look for reliable and efficient removal services for transportation. You need assistance when making the table move, and Unbeatable Removals are available in Sydney to help you achieve a complete and fruitful pool removal. We ensure that the moving table is in pristine condition when it arrives at its destination.

We accommodate all your Pool Table Removal Requests

A pool or billiard table is heavy, and if the unqualified make any moving attempt, most likely, one may end up hurting themselves or damaging some of the parts.  At Unbeatable Removals, the moving crew has the needed experience to pursue a complete pool removal with adherence to the occupational health and safety regulations. Are you moving to a new home or workplace? Is it within Sydney or to other parts of NSW? Don’t worry. Unbeatable pool removalists got you covered.

Pool Table Removals

We can consider moving the whole table or in parts which depend on the size. Moving a pool table is challenging due to the weight and make, with more care conducted when the slates are involved. They are heavy, fragile and integrated to appear the way they are for functioning. That is why you need removalists who are equipped with the necessary tools and experience to handle such types of work.

We deal with all kinds of sizes where tables with up to 8ft can be moved as a whole. A move with larger lengths means separating the table into parts for easier transportation. Pools with 9-12 ft. have up to 4 slates which need disassembly before transportation.

Billiard Table Removals

Billiards need professional gurus when holding the stick and moving it to another location too. With a decade experience in handling numerous removal services, billiard tables have come into our way in the recent times giving us the appropriate techniques of dismantling, moving and reassembling them.

They cannot be moved as a whole since its weight and access prevents removalists from doing so. For safety, while transporting it, your billiard needs to be moved in parts.

Dismantling tables

Whether its pool or billiard, sometimes you need it out so that you can work in the room or use it for another purpose. Whatever the reason, just call our customer support, and we will handle the rest.


Unbeatable Removals also offer storage when you need proper storing of the parts as you sort other things such as servicing or looking for a better place to host the table. We have dry and secure storages with affordable charges on both short and long term duration requests.

It is very advisable to hire storage services if you are renovating the space since the activities may put the stored table parts at the risk of damage.

Choose Unbeatable Removals for your Table Removal:

Your table may be from the shop,ebay, Gumtree, or any other place that requires picking up and installing it. You can hire us to get the table and fix it or pick it up yourself then call us for the installation service.

Most billiards and pools need removalists with the right knowledge that guarantees first time installation if the table is new.

Professional table removalists take 1-3 hours when fully installing the table and it can take longer if the requirements need other specific measures. Since you need to enjoy playing after the installation, call us at our Sydney office for a first time round of installation instead of doing it yourself and delaying the process.

We tackle both private and commercial clients in Sydney and NSW in general. Contact us for any questions regarding pool and billiard tables including free quotations.

Distance is not an issue:
We handle table moves within the city and outside the city too. Affordable charges apply with regards to distance but what we guarantee is safe transportation regardless of the distance. For more information and how we can reach you, call or email us and we will be ready to hear from you.

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