Pool table removals

Hire Unbeatable Removals for tips, advice and pool table removals service. Disassembly and assembly of pool tables is a tedious affair that requires professionals.


Despite the size of a pool table, we can move it from one location to another. Whether it is in the same house, to another house in Sydney or another place in NSW, we are movers designed to handle every table removal job swiftly. Our protocol is simple; dismantle large pool tables as much as the tearing apart can allow, to make it secure when transporting.

If the accessibility is difficult, we assess the situation beforehand so that we can deploy proper measures when the move commences. Challenging conditions may include low ceilings, access to lift, stairs or small room spaces among others.

In addition to being authorised pool table removalists, our hired staff is friendly and helpful in making the table removal exercise smooth. Our customer support is always available especially during working hours to discuss your requirements.

Pool table Removal Services

Room to room: It is a quick task that involves moving pool from its current room to the designated one.

House to house: May include houses within the same compound or location or different localities. It does not matter whether the distance is short or long.

Within the city, city to country or vice versa: Depending on where your table(s) is moving to, we consider the move before providing what is necessary for pool removals.

Dismantling for storage: If you need to store the pool for whatever reason – need for space or preparing for an event, we can perform the table removal task and store it at your place of choice.

Pool table storage: We offer short to long term pool storage at affordable and competitive rates. Our storage premises are secure and dry, so you don’t have to worry about the table’s condition while you are sorting yourself out.

Our transport mechanism is secure to handle all table sizes. A full-size table will fit in our company’s vehicle without a hitch and everything transported at once.

Tell us about your Pool tables moving plan

It only takes a few minutes after contacting us. What we need from you includes:

Informing us of what kind of a table you need to move

Where you are relocating it to

When you need our table removal services

Choose an affordable option

After getting the specifics, we analyse the options that can suit your move. We tell you about the quotations or send them to you for comparison.

Choose your favourite quote

Bases are on what you can afford. Our rates are competitive when compared to what other companies offer. They will not push you to the end since we make sure that what we provide is within your means.

Compile everything and prepare for the move

After giving us your decision, the next part will be gathering the information you have just issued and prepare for the move.

Table Removal Preparation

It is not necessary if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are aware of the removal process, you can perform the following before our arrival:

Remove all the rail pockets. It is not hard if you are aware of the process. We advise our clients on removing them since doing it ourselves delays the pool removal process, and it comes with added costs. Safely keep the parts in a box or bag and label them to avoid confusion when reassembling.

It is also okay to remove the scoreboards and lights and disassemble them too.

Remove any obstructions that may compromise the removal process before the move.

Pave the way for the necessary access needed to for a successful pool removal.

How long does it take to load a table?

The loading process heavily depends on the type of table, size and accessibility options. Our pool table removals are smooth and efficient. Typical pickups and delivery will take less than an hour but dismantling the whole table will take up to two hours.

Can the table be delivered upon my request?

The pool table is yours, so we follow the orders that you give. If the table is stored, we will issue with the monthly premiums. If you require us to perform the delivery, all you need to do is make a booking and leave the rest to us.

How do I make a reservation?

We offer free quotes after you call or email us. After you have made peace with what is on offer, what remains is for us to make the delivery.


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