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Call us at our Unbeatable Removals offices in Sydney for a pool table move. We are professional pool table movers with deep knowledge in the pool move.


Pool table moves require one to exercise caution and professional handling. At Unbeatable Removals, the removal of pool tables has been among our decade long services and still going strong. We aim at ensuring that every aspect of moving the pool is carried out with the most precision and care.

A whole pool table weighs about a tonne, and the transportation involves rules and regulations. Injuries are always common when the amateurs attempt to move the pool. Our professionalism considers what happens when dismantling and reassembling hence the reason why you need our pool removalists services.

Considerations When Making Pool Table Moves

Here is a guide to how we do it – reading through will get you to realize why it is important to hire a pool table removalist.

Tearing down part by part

Experience has taught us to first take apart the pool before thinking of moving anything. When the moving distance is short, one may tend to believe it is easier to move the whole table down the stairs without disassembling it. That is a wrong move according to the moving pool rule book.

Before taking out our tools;

It is important that we label everything despite our deep knowledge in the field. We catalog every piece so that assembly after arrival becomes easy. We are aware of the hassle that comes along when a missing screw is irreplaceable. Most of the pool tables are special, and it is a difficult task to search for a fitting screw or bolt.

Flat head screw driver, staple puller, safety goggles and a power drill are some of the essentials that we deploy. We have the guideline at our finger tips but providing a manual is also useful.

Felt removal

We are movers who understand that every move becomes tricky at some point. Taking the felt off is one of the thorny affairs when it comes to moving a pool table. Getting it out reduces the chances of damaging when transporting but it is also time-consuming. You can notify us if you need to replace the felt where it becomes easy. Most of the times are when the client needs to re-attach it after the removal service. We take care of the staples removal, and one wrong move makes it unusable – another major reason why you need pool removalists.

The Slate

It requires a power drill to remove the screws. A slate may come out as one piece or multiple. The whole slate is heavy which requires multiple crew members to perform the move. If it can further break down to more pieces, professionalism takes place where the hearty crew gets to note every appropriate move.

Any irregularity on the slate such as a small chip or dent may compromise the functionality of the table. For the multiple pieces case, damage on one is comparable to damaging the whole slate since they match to form the whole piece.

Getting the right room

This applies to those who are moving to a new location as opposed to switching rooms. You are not sure of the measurements, and you are figuring out on where the table will occupy. We can store the table for you as you get a solution to the dilemma. This gives you time to visualize, and of course, with our support, we can help you lay out the options.

Reassembling the Pool Table

It is no child’s play to place everything back to where it belongs after the pool move. Since we labeled every part with screws in the proper bags, it eases the work. We can tackle the challenges by first settling the legs or base under the frame with the table upside-down. The crew joins hands at such a juncture when flipping it back together.

The slate is added after the base reassembly. We level it according to the floor dictation where the use of shims is necessary to level the pool correctly. Our pool removalist experience makes the task easier than it seems. After leveling, we wax the seams, and after drying is complete, we use a metal paint scraper to make sure the surface is smooth.

The next move is placing the felt and rails. It is also vital to cut holes where the bolts will go through. It is a tedious process since we need to make sure that the felt has no bumps or creases. After the felt, the rails can now join the assembly procedure. They are tightened as we close the gaps and taking care of the felt’s smoothness.

Unbeatable Removals Are Ready For the Pool Move

It is best to leave the task to professionals who know what they are doing. We inspect every pool table part before the removal exercise and take note of the difficulties that will be involved along the way.

Hire our pool table removalists services for a quick table moving job. We issue you with a free quote depending on your moving schedule that is affordable and efficient. Avoid the risks and go for pool table movers.


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