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Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Removing and packing up a piano is a delicate operation so it’s best to have a professional take care of it. That’s why we’ve made special care to providing instructions and training our team of Piano Removals Sydney. Unbeatable Removals has been working in the moving industry for over a decade and have a lot of experience. all of the removable pieces like the lid legs pedals and music rack should be packed separately from the piano itself. Our movers will remove the hinges and other hardware hardware that could damage the piano or be damaged themselves. These pieces of hardware should be packed in a small plastic bag which should then be labeled and packed along with the piano. Each piece needs to be labeled, which will help the movers when it comes time to reassemble the piano in your new home. Like other pieces of furniture the individual parts of the piano will be wrapped in moving blankets and put carefully and strategically onto the truck. Legs are then taken off as our team double checks in the inventory to make sure nothing has been missed when disassembling the pieces of off the piano. The main part of the piano should be wrapped in moving blankets and then shrink-wrapped for extra protection, but before this is done, our Piano Removals Sydney will thoroughly inspect the piano for damage. If there is any, Unbeatable Removals will let you know before we start the packing. The piano is shrink-wrapped so that it won’t be scratched or in some way damaged by items that are packed along with it. The shrink wrap will prevent moisture from getting into the piano and will protect it from getting dirty. The top part of the piano will receive the most attention since the most sensitive parts of the piano are housed there. Shrink-wrap is especially important if the piano is going to be on the truck or in the storage for a long time. After the piano is inspected and shrink-wrapped our movers will remove the legs from one side of the piano. Before the moving process, the piano is planned to be tipped onto its side onto a piano board, which is a platform that allows the piano to be easily moved and it is specially designed for this operation. Once on its side, the other legs can be removed as well. With straps holding the piano in place and holding it on the special board Piano Removals Sydney will then work as a team to move your piano out of the house or building and into the truck. Depending on the size of the piano, they will need three to five or our people to move it. Unbeatable Removals WILL WORK CAREFULLY making sure not to damage the floors, and the piano itself. If there are steps outside the building, our team will use the loading ramp to bring the truck closer and to the highest step possible to ensure a smooth travel of the piano onto that ramp and into the truck. The other way is to have portable ramp, carried with us on our truck, to be used on the steps outside, and to slide the piano down carefully and closer to the truck. We use cardboard at the ends of the wraps to prevent for the ramp to slide. Rest assured you will be satisfied with our team to get your piano removed from the home or building and/or relocated if necessary.

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