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Pianos are delicate and heavy at the same time. With the right piano moving advice, you get to know why it is a risky affair doing it yourself.

Piano Moving Is Cumbersome

The statements ‘Pianos are difficult to move’ and ‘Oceans are dangerous to swim in’ have one thing in common. They are words that you can say to anyone and get a sarcastic answer, or they could simply roll their eyes. However, with the sarcasm aside, anyone deciding it’s time for piano moving ends up wishing that they could have just recalled such a statement before underestimating the task.

The challenge that comes in when lifting the piano to start with feels like dealing with a mammoth. The only home mover who can dare such a move

  • Has probably moved pianos before
  • Has a bunch of reliable friends that who can help
  • Owns the necessary moving equipment
  • Drives a well-equipped van among other cars
  • Does not take unnecessary risks

You Risk a Lot by Doing It Yourself

After all, moving a piano without the true professionalism is taking a huge risk. You pose a danger to the following which is essential to the continuity of your life:

  • Body wellness: You are prone to getting minor or major injuries.
  • Financial disruption: Since you are an amateur, after moving, you have to take care of the damages caused. Could be the floor, wall or surrounding furniture.
  • Time wastage: You thought you were saving money meant to hire a piano professional. Well, any failure to reach your goal will cost you a considerable amount of time.
  • Your piano: Other than the damage costs that you are going to incur, the piano is also at the risk of gaining flaws. The infliction compromises the functionality of a well-maintained piano meaning that you will even pay for piano services regarding repair and get the piano tuned.

We don’t want you suffering again because you just decided to move the piano. To help in the risky and challenging affair, here is a piece of advice for you and any other individual seeking to be a piano mover.

Pianos Are Difficult To Move

We have performed piano moving services all over Sydney, and none of them was light. Among the things that movers move, kitchen appliances, pool tables, furniture pieces etc. pianos have proved to be most difficult to move, contending for the top prize when it comes to bulkiness, weight and the complexity involved.

Piano Weight

When you contact a piano mover and tell them about moving your piano, they always take into account the weight when giving you the quoted price. Anyone trying to understand how all the weight adds up should first know that a piano possesses a solid harp made of cast iron. It is responsible for holding the strings together making it a fundamental internal component. Also, the soundboard and entire piano casing are wood-made, solid wood to be precise. Other mechanical parts in the piano are another factor to the overall staggering weight of the musical instrument. A quick overview of the weights considered brought the following results:

  • Spinet pianos: The smallest upright pianos you will find on the market can weigh up to 400 lbs.
  • Huge upright pianos: The minimum weight you will come across is about 500 lbs. Due to variations, the figure can rise to 800 lbs. and don’t be shocked if it is more than that.
  • Grand pianos: We call them the mothers of weight since they reflect 1000 lbs. and above. Some specific models have more weight making the grand type the hardest pianos to move from one place to another.

How Bulkiness Affects Piano Moving

Moving a piano to a house in another location or just switching rooms is never a simple task. The complication of the delicate process starts with the weight and the next factor to consider is the bulkiness of the instrument.

For upright pianos, they are tall while the grand pianos have that notorious odd shape that a piano mover has to deal with. One of the real problems that you have to solve when moving a piano across a room is the impracticality to distribute the exceeding weight evenly.

What happens next? Any slight shifting of the piano towards any direction can cause more noticeable and erratic shifts in the overall weight and balance of the piano. The shifting now brings in another problem – difficulty to turn and manoeuvre the equipment around corners and steep stairs without injuring yourself and the helpers. Damage also includes property and structural damage of the piano which costs an arm and leg to repair.

Get Ready For Safe Piano Moving

One of the don’ts that we give our customers is not to move the piano by themselves. The above information leaves you with only one choice: hire professional piano moving services and be done with it. You don’t want to incur the risks of damage, and you can use time meant for piano moving to attend to other pressing matters. Unbeatable Removals has piano removal as one of their services so, why don’t you give us a call and relieve yourself of the stress? Don’t hold your resources by taking the task head on and instead, rent our services for a smooth, safe and efficient moving of your piano.

We operate in Sydney and all over , with environs included. So, if you are within where we deliver our services, contact us and get your move sorted out.

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