Why Trust Unbeatable Removals As You Piano Mover?

Monday, October 9th, 2017

We are piano movers in Australia Sydney who have gained the piano moving experience over an extended period. See why you need to trust us with your piano.

We have been in the business for the last ten years and still counting. That means that we have moved pianos of different types countless times giving us a reason to qualify for a professional piano move. Apart from a full range of piano moving services, we also offer advice to our esteemed customers on how best to keep and move the piano. Whether you just purchased it, moving it to a new location, or disposing of, we take professionalism into account, and the rest falls into place.

After serving our customer, by making sure the equipment is safely transported, we can arrange for piano tuning when necessary. We also coordinate for its maintenance, repairs and storage regardless of whether it is long or short-term. Is there an event, function or concert that requires a piano professional dedicated to moving? Call us, and that is it.

How Do We Handle Our Piano Moving Request?

It does not matter whether it is piano moving, removal or relocation, we are piano movers who value the service that we deliver to you. At Unbeatable Removals, it all begins when you give us a call or make arrangements through our contact form. Our supportive customer support team carries you through the booking and confirmation process after laying out your proposal. If assessment before the transportation is required, we will send one of our team members to do the analysis. After you are okay with the quoted price and your preferred move time, we will arrive at the stipulated time to pick your piano.

While on the road, our move professionalism considers taking the best care possible so that your treasured musical instrument arrives with no complications. Our aim here is to be careful, reliable and efficient.

Are We Reliable As We Say?

Your piano is a delicate instrument with many moving parts. Each connection needs to be perfectly aligned for it to sound like the piano you know. We have handled pianos moving in Melbourne and Sydney with environs included so yes, we are reliable as we put it.

On the other hand, we have a team of professionals who know what it takes when moving a piano. They are familiar with the internal structure and the complexity of a piano not to mention the safest ways to employ as piano movers.

We take our customer feedback seriously just like any customer service would do or better. Our customers get the chance to give feedbacks on our performance after the move. We then work on them to provide better services to the next customers.

Why Do We Consider Ourselves As Piano Move Specialists?

Experience: When we started our removal services, pianos were among what we have moved as time progressed. We have a collection of specialised equipment to take care of the piano movement, and your goods are protected while being transported.

We move all kinds of pianos: Among other mover services, we handle all types of pianos whether upright, grand or electric.

Free assessment: We will come and assess what to put into consideration and also how to fit your piano into the vehicle’s space before transporting it. The quoted price does not include the assessment fee since we do it free of charge.

Are Your Floors And Walls Important?

Well, that is a rhetorical question, but it is important to you and the piano movers. Moving a piano is easy as long as you have the right tools for the job. Of course, expertise is a must. However, pianos are extremely heavy, and we always encounter 200kg and above with each piano move. When receiving calls from our customers, they still specify about damaging the walls and the floor since they have faced the distress once during a previous piano relocation exercise.

That is why you need the professionalism of an experienced piano mover like Unbeatable Removals to account for the risks and stress involved.

What Are Some Of The Piano Types That We Have Encountered?

  • Uprights and pianolas: They are delicate instruments that need a different kind of care from what is used to transport furniture. We are used to the weight and size of the pianos so what remains is quality service at a suitable price.
  • Grand pianos: We have carried countless of them since we qualified as reliable piano movers. When transporting such types, we disassemble various parts of the grand which includes the pedal system and wrap them carefully before moving commences.
  • Organs and digitals: it doesn’t matter where your piano is moving to, we can relocate organ and digital pianos of any size. We have moved pianos in Melbourne and Sydney so, we have a reason to move yours if it is within reach.


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