Why You Should Never Do Piano Removals in Sydney Yourself

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

If you have a piano in your home that needs moving, it is recommended that you never complete the piano removal yourself, the main reason for this is because pianos and heavy, very heavy, they are also expensive, delicate and large – making piano removals a very tricky task.

By becoming a piano mover yourself you are risking seriously damaging your back which could result in spending time in the hospital, loosing time at work and causing significant damage to your wallet too, not to mention the piano itself.

The three small legs on a piano are supporting a huge amount of weight and if moved or placed down incorrectly can result in costly damage to the piano, or even non-repairable damage that could result in a piano that can never be played again.

When considering piano removals in Sydney on a regular basis it is recommended that you use dollies that are permanently attached to your piano for safety. However, even if you are just dealing with a piano removal in Sydney from one room to another, it is a good idea to call in expert piano removals specialists who can ensure your piano will not become damaged. Your back, your piano and your wallet will thank you for calling in a professional piano mover in Sydney.

If you are selling your piano, buying a piano or moving house with your piano it would be very silly not to use the skills, experience and equipment of professional piano movers in Sydney because piano removals needs team work and when you call in an expert piano mover in Sydney you will get a team of piano movers that are experienced in moving pianos safely and successfully, with no damage to the piano or the home.

When it comes to piano removals in Sydney, we feel that service is key; we take pride in delivering bespoke piano removals to a very high standard. We understand the beauty and intricate detail of a piano and this is why many piano dealers and musicians choose the team here at Unbeatable Removals for their piano removals time and time again.

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