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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Moving Home Services, There are many things to consider when moving out of your home, and making sure that all your belongings are properly and safely packed is an essential part of your Moving Home. Packing all your fragile and breakable items found in your kitchen such as plates, bowls, glasses, cups, stemware, small appliances, and electronics, can be rather challenging, especially for inexperienced people on the move, but you can do it much faster and easier if you just follow our tips from Moving Home Company in Sydney to pack your dishes and glassware safely and quickly.

Packing Tips In Moving Home

 As your moving  Home gets Closer, start packing your everyday dishes, utensils, appliances and More:

Cups and Glassware

Cover cups and glassware with packing paper, beginning from the corner and covering diagonally even as tucking in overlapping edges, and ensure that these objects are placed in a vertical function. For added protection, pad with bubble wrap.


First put some large sheet of paper on the surface where you will pack your plates. Next, wrap each plate in one sheet of packing paper, and make sure all the corners are completely covered.

Wrap the next plate with the first one by using a double layer of newsprint. Never pack your plates flat, it may cause breaking, instead pack them on their edge side.

In the end, use packing tape to secure the newsprint.


Silver and Flatware

In order to protect the brightness of your silver pieces, wrap them in newsprint or plastic wrap, and wrap flatware (individually or in sets) in the paper, clear plastic bags or small boxes. In case your silverware is in a chest, fill the empty places to prevent moving and wrap the chest in a large bath towel.


Pots and Pans

Pots and pans need to be separated by paper when it comes to packaging in order to avoid any damage. Place the smaller item inside the largest one. Then, place the pots and pans group upside down on packing paper, cover it with additional sheets of paper and secure the box with a good tape.

Large Appliances

Disconnect and empty your large appliances – refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher – of all contents and movable parts (these should be packed separately), use movers’ stretch plastic wrap and packing tape to secure any doors and drawers. Refrigerators must be disconnected for 24 hours before they are moved and should be carried vertically.


Small Appliances

Wrap each appliance with packing paper or bubble wrap, and pack each one separately in a box close to its size – avoid packing multiple appliances in one large box.

Put heaviest items on the bottom of the box.

If you have a deep box and will be creating multiple layers of dishware, make sure that there is an inch or two of cushioning between each layer. Don’t forget to place the heaviest items in the bottom layer of the box.


Fill all space in the box with packing material.

Once the box is completely packed, fill all extra space with packing material to keep things from shifting. Make sure you don’t over pack the box. The heavier the box is, the more likely an accident will happen inside.

If you can hear your dishes moving around inside the box and bumping into each other, you need to add more padding.

Use the right materials 

Make sure you use well made cartons for packing dishes. Our Experience Moving Home company in Sydney can provide you with all the packaging materials you need, from packaging tape and boxes of various sizes through to wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap and packaging paper.

Label the box as fragile

If your dish pack doesn’t have distinct markings on the outside, movers might accidentally mishandle the box. Make sure to put a brief description of the box content, and which side is up. Don’t transport if you forget to label which side is up.

Ask Your Movers

Don’t be afraid to ask us at Unbeatable Removals for suggestions on how to pack your fragile and breakable items. Our Moving Home packaging specialists in Sydney will take the time to talk to you to understand your specific needs, so we can recommend exactly the right packaging materials for you.

We know from a large experience of helping people move office or home in Sydney and across Australia, what techniques work, and what packing strategies will fit our clients’ needs.

We are here to help if you ever decide that you need any help with your packing or moving home services. We offer  Moving Home services that can be trusted for quality and efficiency.  Our Moving Home specialists take pride in offering a level of experience and professionalism in handling moves anywhere in the country.

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